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Shia LaBeouf Update - REAL ONES Interview & Word on Fire Removing Trad Comments
Avoiding Babylon
22 Views · 1 day ago

⁣Rob and Anthony have a deeper discussion on Shia LaBeouf's conversion to Catholicism that includes his interview with Jon Bernthal on REAL ONES as well as Bishop Robert Barron's Word on Fire being caught removing respectful comments that support the TLM from a recent video.

Anabaptists - Radical Protestant Revolutionaries or Medieval Prophets of Doom?
Avoiding Babylon
11 Views · 4 days ago

⁣Rob, Anthony, and Jason from Trad Men discuss Anabaptism, specifically the strain of Anabaptism found at Munster. Who were these Anabaptists? Were they simply just another part of the Protestant revolt or do they have their origins in older and darker heresies?

⁣#catholic #christianity #history #protestantism #protestant #Anabaptists

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 24 w/ Jeremy McLellan
Avoiding Babylon
11 Views · 5 days ago

Episode 24 of our Catholic trivia show with special guest , Catholic comedian Jeremy McLellan.

FULL So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 23
Avoiding Babylon
30 Views · 9 days ago

Episode 23 of Catholic trivia show, "So You Think You Know the Faith". We had a funny glitch in this episode that happens about the 15 minute mark. Make sure you watch at least that far haha.

Young Trads, Stupid Mustaches, & a Whole Lot More
Avoiding Babylon
4 Views · 14 days ago

⁣There was really no plan for this episode. We touch on the resurgence of mustaches briefly but really this is just Anthony and Rob bloviating.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 22
Avoiding Babylon
19 Views · 17 days ago

⁣Episode 22 of #catholic #trivia show, "So You Think You Know the Faith?"

Masons, Gay Frogs, and the Titanic that Never Sunk - Conspiracy Episode 2
Avoiding Babylon
4 Views · 18 days ago

⁣Anthony, Rob, Robbie, and Joe talk about all about conspiracy theories...their favorite conspiracies, the ones they feel are most likely, the ones they feel are least likely, etc. (Avoiding Babylon officially endorses no specific conspiracy theories) #conspiracytheories #conspiracy #EpsteinDidntKillHimself

Meeting your Birth Mom at 20 - An Interview with Rob's Wife, Hope
Avoiding Babylon
14 Views · 25 days ago

⁣Anthony interviews Rob's better half, Hope, about her experience as an adopted child who tracked down and met her biological parents later in life. #prolife #adoption

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 21 with Mike from Restoring the Faith
Avoiding Babylon
15 Views · 26 days ago

⁣Mike from Restoring the Faith and The Rundown join us for episode 21 of our Catholic trivia show. We're also joined by Angela from Integrated with Angela, Mark from the Trad Men, Connor from Plotlines, Robbie, Darren, and an early contestant, Brandin.

Discussing Shia LaBeouf's Conversion & Interview with Bishop Barron
Avoiding Babylon
46 Views · 28 days ago

⁣We discuss the news of Shia LaBeouf's conversion to the Catholic Church during his filming of the upcoming movie on St Pio. We also discuss Shia's somewhat controversial interview with Bishop Robert Barron.

Triple Optics with Rob, Robbie, & Anthony
Avoiding Babylon
5 Views · 1 month ago

⁣This is the first episode of a new conversation series on Avoiding Babylon between co hosts Anthony, Robbie, and Rob. In this episode, we have an honest yet light hearted discussion about race and Black culture in America.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 3
Avoiding Babylon
21 Views · 1 month ago

Episode 3 of "So You Think You Know the Faith?" trivia. Jeremiah Bannister of Paleocrat fame drops by for a while.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 2
Avoiding Babylon
10 Views · 1 month ago

Episode 2 of "So You Think You Know the Faith?" trivia. Jake makes his first appearance as a contestant against Rob.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 1  Pilot Episode
Avoiding Babylon
33 Views · 2 months ago

The very first episode and trivia game of "So You Think You Know the Faith?" with Anthony as host and Rob and Steven from Catholic Comedy as contestants.

So You Think You Know The Faith Catholic Trivia Show  Rules And Gameplay Stream
Avoiding Babylon
14 Views · 2 months ago

The video that began it all. Anthony hosts the first contestants for "So You Think You Know the Faith?" trivia, Steven from Catholic Comedy and Rob (later co-host of Avoiding Babylon), in a short video discussing format and rules for the upcoming trivia game.

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