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Reflections on the Rock of the Church
"Satan Must Reign in the Vatican"
One Peter Five
138 Views · 2 months ago


Trad Response to Apparent Papal Paganism
One Peter Five
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⁣CLIP of Indian rite and HH Francis' participation:

My Journey from Ultramontanism to Catholicism with Peter Kwasniewski
One Peter Five
82 Views · 3 months ago


ARTICLES MENTIONED in this podcast:
Bronwen McShea, "Bishops Unbound"

John Lamont, "Tyranny and Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church: A Jesuit Tragedy"

Peter Kwasniewski:

"The 'Spirit of Vatican I' as a Post-Revolutionary Political Problem"

"How Protestants, Orthodox, Magisterialists, and Traditionalists Differ on the Three Pillars of Christianity"

"Are Traditionalists Guilty of 'Private Judgment' Over the Popes?"

Catholics and the American Revolution
Will Pope Francis Resign? Should He?
One Peter Five
21 Views · 3 months ago

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