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The Most Important Vatican Document You Never Heard Of, Inter Mirifica with David Wemhoff
The Crusade Channel
23 Views · 3 days ago

The King Dude discusses a Vatican document you never heard of with David Wemhoff

Biden’s Threat To Nuke The Russians Is Proof The ‘Murican Military Is A Tranny Joke Punch Line
The Crusade Channel
46 Views · 14 days ago

Biden threatened Putin in his UN speech. The King Dude explains why this latest threat proves Murican military is a joke.

How The Manly Devotion To The Holy Face Will Save Muricah From Evil With Fr. Lawrence Carney
The Crusade Channel
31 Views · 14 days ago

The King Dude discusses Father Carney's new book.

King Charles III’s Coronation Is Something A Secular World NEEDS To See With Sir Charles Coulombe.
The Crusade Channel
42 Views · 16 days ago

The King Dude and Sir Charles Coulombe discuss the importance of King Charles III's coronation.
⁣Purchase Sir Charles Coulombe's book Blessed Karl at

Enough Talking! It’s Time For Some Good Ol’ Fashioned Murican Creation
The Crusade Channel
24 Views · 17 days ago

The King Dude defines and explains what is Murican Creation.

The Burial Of Queen Elizabeth II And The Absence Of The Requiem Mass
The Crusade Channel
55 Views · 18 days ago

The King Dude discusses the Requiem Mass.

To Destroy The Left, Let’s Bring Back Thank GOD It’s Friday
The Crusade Channel
21 Views · 21 days ago

Society is not an unending struggle for power and domination

The MAP’s Mouse Casts A Groomer As A “SuperHero” And Kills Marvel In One Stroke
The Crusade Channel
32 Views · 22 days ago

Disney killed the MCU by casting a transgender and a non-binary in their upcoming show. The King Dude explains.

The SCOTUS Has THE Case, Moore VS Harper, That Could Save A Part Of The Union
The Crusade Channel
22 Views · 23 days ago

The SCOTUS chose to hear a case that could save a part of the union. The King Dude explains

The Marks of the True Church: One & Holy w/ Eric Ybarra
The Crusade Channel
11 Views · 23 days ago

Sermons and lectures from the original Sensus Fidelium channel

Hey Visa And Mastercard! You Want Our Gun Purchase Receipts! Come And Get Them!”
The Crusade Channel
21 Views · 24 days ago

Visa, Mastercard and other credit card services announced a new marketing code for guns and ammo purchases. The King Dude says it is time to stop using them.

Polish Victory
The Crusade Channel
10 Views · 25 days ago

The Pole's victory in Vienna should inspire us to keep pushing back the evil. The King Dude explains

Queen Elizabeth Has Died, God Save The King! Why British Monarchy Should Matter To Muricans
The Crusade Channel
32 Views · 28 days ago

The King Dude explains why British Monarchy should matter to Muricans.

It’s Social Media That’s Making You Stupid, Don’t Be With Stupid!
The Crusade Channel
20 Views · 29 days ago

The King Dude discusses the war on the citzens.

Today Is The Day Before Biden Launches MAGANet, Enjoy It
The Crusade Channel
33 Views · 1 month ago

Biden will have a prime time address to confront the MAGA Republican Threat.

Biden’s DOJ Is Going To Arrest Trump As The Eve Of Destruction Is Upon Us
The Crusade Channel
25 Views · 1 month ago

Biden's DOJ claims they have evidence to arrest Trump. Is the eve of destuction upon us, watch as the King Dude explains

The GOP IS About To Blow An Election So Easy “Even A Caveman Could Win It!”
The Crusade Channel
23 Views · 1 month ago

The Red Wave is coming! Then again this is the GOP we are talking about.

Biden’s DOJ Flips Us All Off As Mar-A-LaGate Has Pivoted To RedactaGate
The Crusade Channel
15 Views · 1 month ago

The heavily redacted warrant was meant for you.

I Am The Dude, Speaking Truth And I’m Right: Why I Deleted My YouBoob Channel
The Crusade Channel
45 Views · 1 month ago

The King Dude discoverd YouTube issued their second strike on the CRUSADE Channel. They said they removed harmful content because of a video from 2021 contained misinformation. The KingDude's response, he deleted the YouTube Channel. Find out why you should too.

It’s Time To Restore The Word Sacrament To The Word Marriage with CRUSADER Gal Sara Cain
The Crusade Channel
109 Views · 1 month ago

The King Dude and The CRUSADER Gal discuss marriage, sacraments and conversion.

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