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VLX 121:  Treasure in Heaven
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Mt 19:16-22.

RCT 8: God the Father
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Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) p. 20-22
Part I: The Creed, Article 1, Phrase 1, Section 3.
- 238 Infallible Teachings of the Catholic Church at

RCT 7:  The Certainty of Our Faith
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The Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) p. 18-20
Part I: The Creed, Article 1, Phrase 1, Section 3.
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Mark Houck Arrested
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Mark Houck Arrested

VLX 120:  The Rich Young Man.
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Mt 19:16-22
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RCT 6:  I Believe In God.
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-Roman Catechism of Trent p. 16-17
-Part I: The Creed, Article 1, Phrase 1, Section 2.
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VLX 119:  Let the Children Come to Me.
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Mt 19:13-15.

The 2nd A. in the USA and the 3rd Secret in Fatima
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Dearmament year of Civilians in Genocidal Regimes with total deaths following
- 1911 Turkey, then killed 1.5M Armenian EOs
- 1929, Russia, 20M
- 1935, China, 20M
- 1940? German 6M Jews
- 1956 Cambodia 1M
- 1964 Guatemala 100k (Mayans)
- 1970 Uganda 300k (Christians)

TCE 48:  Daily Leadership with a Navy SEAL
31 Views · 1 month ago

Mike, a retired Navy SEAL (and former parishioner of mine) discuss on today's podcast how to live daily virtue in a Catholic vocation in a society inundated with unnecessary information. Mike's CV is unusually impressive: He is a retired career naval officer who served 27 years in Naval Special Warfare, which is the formal community designation for the US Navy SEALs. During his time in uniform, he led or commanded SEAL platoons, task units, assault teams, squadrons, strike forces, and joint task forces during 13 deployments, seven of them to combat. He did three tours at Naval Special Warfare Development Group and was among the first special operators to fight in Afghanistan. Besides combat, he also developed and deployed highly classified special undersea capabilities and clandestine intelligence-gathering activities in theaters as diverse as Bosnia and southeast Asia. As a senior officer he served as the Operations Officer for a deployed joint special operations task force of 5500 personnel in 27 countries across US Central Command and US Africa Command. His last tour was as commander of 1000-man Special Warfare Group that deployed special intelligence units worldwide in support of counterterrorism and counter-insurgency operations, including the fight against both ISIS and Al Qaeda in the Middle East, as well as the MILF insurgency in the southern Philippines. He has been awarded both the Silver Star and Bronze Star for valor in combat. Mike is a graduate of the US Naval Academy, where he graduated With Distinction (top 2% of the class) and also holds a Master’s Degree from the Naval Postgraduate School. His proudest accomplishment is maintaining a marriage of 27 years, and a family, through the many decades of deployments, war, family moves, and associated pressures and stresses. After military retirement, he worked for several years as a leadership and management consultant on Wall Street. As a semi-retired consultant, Mike has recently advised organizations as diverse as the Philadelphia Eagles, Merrill Lynch, Team Liquid (e-sports), World Cricket, and the USA Rugby Team on various leadership and performance challenges. He is currently semi-retired and living in the Rocky Mountain West.

RCT 5:  An Unchangeable Faith.
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Roman Catechism of Trent p. 14-15.

TCE 47: Did a Beatle Sell His Soul to Satan?
37 Views · 2 months ago

- Theology and Current Events #47 considers "John Lennon's Pact with Satan," by Margaret C. Galitzin at "Tradition in Action." It's a book review of "The Lennon Prophecy" by Joseph Niezgoda. I preface this blog reading on this podcast on how one may extricate oneself from any such pacts already made.
-Prayer for binding yourself only to God in the confessional before absolution: "In the name of Jesus, I renounce any and all pacts or bonds with Satan or any demons or any damned souls that I have made in my life consciously or unconsciously and I bind myself entirely and exclusively to the Blessed Trinity, Father and Son and Holy Spirit as well as all the good angels and the saints that serve and adore the Trinity, especially the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph."

RCT 4:  The Creed and Pope St. Pius V
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Roman Catechism of Trent p. 1-13 (TAN books pagination.)

VLX 117:  Is It Lawful to Divorce?
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Mt 19:1-9
Summary: Christ asserted to the Apostles who would spread Catholic marriage and also to the Pharisees looking for loopholes on re-marriage, that in certain circumstances a married person could carefully discern departure from one's spouse when the other was provably guilty of unfaithfulness, and the early Church added physical and psychological safety or salvation to this, then, you may discern departure from your spouse, but you still can't re-marry.

RCT 3: Faith: The Building Block
12 Views · 2 months ago

Today’s pod considers the first few pages of the Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) on supernatural faith. TAN books pagination p. 11-12.

TCE 46:  Fr. Paul Kramer and Fatima
227 Views · 2 months ago

World-wide expert on Fatima, Fr. Paul Kramer, discusses everything from the consecration of Russia to the suppression of the Mass.

RCT 2:  Intro Part B
16 Views · 2 months ago

Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) 2 is another introductory pod on the history and the authority of the Catechism of Trent, created in the 16th century. We also evaluate the purported “changing” of the Catholic Church’s teaching on the death penalty, as found in modernist catechisms. Please subscribe to this YT channel and (in case of being de-platformed) please also considering subscribing to these alternative platforms:

RCT 1:  Intro (Part A)
31 Views · 2 months ago

Roman Catechism of Trent (RCT) presents its introductory video to a several-year project of commentary on the "Catechism of the Council of Trent." This 16th century catechism is the only infallible catechism produced by the Catholic Church. Pope Clement XIII wrote that the Roman Catechism contains "that teaching which is the common doctrine of the Church, from which all danger of doctrinal error is absent." This video is presented by Fr. David Nix on the Padre Peregrino channel.
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VLX 115: Fraternal Correction
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Mt 18:15-20
1. Jeff Cavins' talk on forgiveness:
2. The Wounded Heart to help sex-abused:
3. Fr. Ripperger on demons' and socialists' psychology:
4. Dr. Ramani YT channel on avoiding Narcissists:
5. Donor changes on my blog:
6. My Rumble Channel:
7. My BitChute Channel:

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