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Wisdom Wednesday The Quest For The Holy Grail SOLVED Through Saint Laurence with Brother Andre Marie
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8 Views · 6 hours ago

The King Dude and Brother Andre Marie discover Saint Laurence and the Holy Grail.

The Coup Began On November 3rd 2020, The Mar A Lago Raid Was Bound To Happen
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28 Views · 1 day ago

The Biden Regime sent their DOJ dogs to raid Mar A Lago. Is this the beginning of the Banna Republic, or did Trump bait a clever trap? The King Dude explains.

The Monkey Pox “Climate Crisis Inflation Control” Lockdown Is Coming
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40 Views · 5 days ago

Why do governments and corporations hate us? The King Dude discusses

Papa Francis Assault On Sacred Tradition
The Crusade Channel
20 Views · 6 days ago

The King Dude and Brother Andre Marie discuss the Popes message about contraception

When Biden Assassinates An Al Queda BigWig, The Demoncrat Party Is Toast
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18 Views · 8 days ago

Joe Biden authorized a strike to take out one of the masterminds behind 9/11.

The Monkey Pox Epidemic Validates Everything We’ve Said About The Pedo Cult
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44 Views · 9 days ago

The King Dude takes the Monkey Pox head on.

The Only Thing Linking Climate And Inflation Is How Demoncrats Use Them To Steal
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21 Views · 12 days ago

The Left have inked a climate and inflation deal. Learn how this deal is just a new term

These Things Do NOT Happen In A Civilization And They Must End
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1 Views · 13 days ago

A video of children at a Drag Brunch has emerged. The KingDude explains.

It Was 1,500 Days Ago Today, SGT KingDude Taught The Band To Play
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19 Views · 14 days ago

Episode Number 1,500. The KingDude has learned a lot in that time.

A Civilization That Can’t Be Bothered To Marry And Create The Next Generation Is Not Civilized
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35 Views · 19 days ago

The House of Representative just codified gay marriage.

Biden’s Climate Emergency Is The Genocidal, Dream Come True Of Satanic Climate Commies
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33 Views · 20 days ago

The Biden Regime is declaring a climate emergency. The King Dude explains

Trump Says He Is All In For 2024 Is This The Miracle "Conservatives" Think It Is?
Origins And Why Liberalism Was Doomed To Fail And Is Making Good On The Promise with Frank Wright
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28 Views · 27 days ago

Frank Wright and The King Dude discuss the origins of liberalism.

Uncle Sara Can’t Recruit Young, Patriot Militias Should Seize The Opportunity
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15 Views · 27 days ago

Uncle Sara is having difficulites recruiting.

Independece Day Carnage
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8 Views · 27 days ago

The KingDude discusses the tragedy of July 4th.

The Double Edged CoronaVax, End Of Days Sword: SADS And Fertility
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29 Views · 1 month ago

The KingDude discusses abortion and infertility caused by the Coronoavax

The Demonic Left’s Gunnmint Is Now Actually Killing It’s Own Citizens
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38 Views · 1 month ago

The Biden Regime is encouraging teens to circumvent their parents for abortions and they're preparing for an annual Woke Poke Booster. The King Dude explains how.

Demonic AI Roo Is Here For Your Children
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60 Views · 1 month ago

Planned Parenthood has a new AI that will teach your children everything the want to know about sex. They will teach them everything but tell their parent.

The Fempire Strikes Back
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18 Views · 1 month ago

The demons have started their push to reclaim abortion. The King Dude reveals who is pushing back and what we can do about it.

The Demonic Left WIll War To Feed Their Moloch
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34 Views · 1 month ago

The King Dude discusss how the Demonic Left plans to feed their Moloch

Doom Bodies Piling Up
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18 Views · 2 months ago

Healthy vaxxed adults are dropping like flies. The King Dude discusses why.

GOP Dirty Dozen
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27 Views · 2 months ago

Mike Church discusses how GOP Senators have gone traitor by commiserating with Demoncrats in their 2022 Constitution Amendment Convention! On the Convention's agenda: repeal Article I & Article II powers for staate's to run their elections, repeal of the 2nd, 9th and Xth amendments. Secession is coming folks, LISTEN for what to do next!

⁣HEADLINE: "I Sensed The Knell of The Union” by Mike Church
Two paragraphs taken from Michael F Holt book - The Political Crisis of the 1850’s from the Mike Church Show, 06 February, 2014.
HEADLINE: Fairfax County School Board Votes To Make It A Potential Crime To Call A Boy A Boy by Auguste Meyrat
We should stop giving them the benefit of the language.
We should start using CrossDresser again and faggot and sodomite and pedophile and groomer!
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Texas GOP Votes To Texit
The Crusade Channel
69 Views · 2 months ago

The Mike Church Show

Father’s Day Should End All Pride Day Celebrations
The Crusade Channel
10 Views · 2 months ago

The Mike Church Show LIVE from Monday, 20 June, 2022.

The English ‘Deformation': The Great Faith Robbery ~ Mike Church
Sensus Fidelium
6 Views · 2 months ago

Sermons and lectures from the original Sensus Fidelium channel

Ordo Militaris ~ Br. Alexis Bugnolo
Sensus Fidelium
11 Views · 2 months ago

Sermons and lectures from the original Sensus Fidelium channel

Dr. Peter McCullough
The Crusade Channel
10 Views · 2 months ago

The Mike Church Show interview with Dr. McCullough on the grave concerns the CoronaDoom™'s "vaccines" are generating especially myocarditis incidence in young, vaccinated men

Mike Church Show Interview: A Garden For Mary
The Crusade Channel
16 Views · 2 months ago

The Mike Church Show's interview with children's book author and recent Catholic convert, Neena Gaynor on her just released TAN children's book A Garden For Mary. Neena reveals that her pro-baseball playing hubby and his entire family ALL converted as well and, wait for it, ALL have a devotion to Our Lady now!