Father Brown and the Parish Council 2
15 Views · 4 days ago

⁣Father Brown wakes up, dazed and confused, while investigating a murder. Luckily, Susan is there to help him.

So You Think You Know the Faith? - on Meaning of Catholic - Ep 2
Avoiding Babylon
12 Views · 25 days ago

⁣This is the second episode of Avoiding Babylon's trivia show, "So You Think You Know the Faith?", on Meaning of Catholic. Anthony and Rob from Avoiding Babylon will be streaming their trivia show every other week on Meaning of Catholic. To check out this trivia show on the weeks in between, and to see Avoiding Babylon's other work, check out their channel at and their website at

This second episode on Meaning of Catholic will introduce the usual contestants to the Meaning of Catholic audience. For those new to this show, those who join the live chat have a shot at winning a prize.

The Neocon Song
E. Michael Jones
29 Views · 6 years ago

Dr. Jones sings "The Neocon Song"

Dr. E. Michael Jones is a prolific Catholic writer, lecturer, journalist, and Editor of Culture Wars Magazine who seeks to defend traditional Catholic teachings and values from those seeking to undermine them.

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So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 28
Avoiding Babylon
6 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Episode 28 of our Catholic Trivia show. Season 1 is almost over! Fr Lovell from the Coalition for Cancelled Priests joins us! #Catholic #cancelledpriests #catholicism #trad

20 Views · 1 month ago

⁣When SEO and memes fail to give you followers, there's always the solid fallback... Calumny!

Food Restrictions
29 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Every Friday, Catholics forgo meat, but there are some exceptions...

So You Think You Know Marriage? - Marriage Advice Video by Anthony
Avoiding Babylon
17 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Rob took one of Anthony's very first videos that had terrible audio and remastered it. For the record, Avoiding Babylon (especially Rob) is not liable for any marital strife this might cause.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 27
Avoiding Babylon
17 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Episode 27 of our Catholic Trivia show. Season 1 is almost over. This episode we pull questions from the liturgical definitions section of the Fr Lasance Missal.

17 Views · 2 months ago

⁣This is inspired by a post someone made...

Imagine praying to a saint is like calling a call center.

Matt Fradd Avoiding Babylon in Steubenville
Avoiding Babylon
37 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Our Steubenville trip recap show where we talk about our stalking of Matt Fradd, the crew meeting for the first time, and the mischief we got into.

Second Job
16 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Someone made a video of what it would be like for a priest to interview for a job which had all the catchphrases that a priest would use... It was good, but we thought what would happen if a priest were looking for a second job in addition to his priestly work?

So, here's our take on "Priest Interviews for a Job"

So You Think You Know The Faith episode 26
Avoiding Babylon
8 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Episode 26 of our Catholic Trivia show

Mother In Law
27 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Mrs. Catholic Comedy is upset about... something and I'm trying to figure it out...

Indiana Jones and St  Martin
22 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Indiana Jones is on a quest to find a lost idol to Ba'al. His companion is St. Martin of Tours.


Indiana Jones theme used as part of a parody and is Fair Use.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 25 - Mass of the Ages Takeover Edition
Avoiding Babylon
20 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Our 25th Episode!!! This is a pretty big milestone. We have a special show lined up with Jacob Tate from Mass of the Ages standing in as guest host. Anthony and Rob will both compete.

20 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Steven goes to the bank for a very important business loan...

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 24 w/ Jeremy McLellan
Avoiding Babylon
15 Views · 2 months ago

Episode 24 of our Catholic trivia show with special guest , Catholic comedian Jeremy McLellan.

13 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Leprechaun's are devious creatures, but one man has found a way to deal with them.

FULL So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 23
Avoiding Babylon
37 Views · 3 months ago

Episode 23 of Catholic trivia show, "So You Think You Know the Faith". We had a funny glitch in this episode that happens about the 15 minute mark. Make sure you watch at least that far haha.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 22
Avoiding Babylon
26 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Episode 22 of #catholic #trivia show, "So You Think You Know the Faith?"

Time Traveller
18 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Steven accidentally convinces the world he's a time traveler. Luckily, Miles knows how to handle the situation.

Masons, Gay Frogs, and the Titanic that Never Sunk - Conspiracy Episode 2
Avoiding Babylon
6 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Anthony, Rob, Robbie, and Joe talk about all about conspiracy theories...their favorite conspiracies, the ones they feel are most likely, the ones they feel are least likely, etc. (Avoiding Babylon officially endorses no specific conspiracy theories) #conspiracytheories #conspiracy #EpsteinDidntKillHimself

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 21 with Mike from Restoring the Faith
Avoiding Babylon
24 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Mike from Restoring the Faith and The Rundown join us for episode 21 of our Catholic trivia show. We're also joined by Angela from Integrated with Angela, Mark from the Trad Men, Connor from Plotlines, Robbie, Darren, and an early contestant, Brandin.

Paranormal Comedian
29 Views · 3 months ago

⁣Sometimes, getting rid of a ghost takes a little something extra...

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 3
Avoiding Babylon
23 Views · 4 months ago

Episode 3 of "So You Think You Know the Faith?" trivia. Jeremiah Bannister of Paleocrat fame drops by for a while.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 2
Avoiding Babylon
11 Views · 4 months ago

Episode 2 of "So You Think You Know the Faith?" trivia. Jake makes his first appearance as a contestant against Rob.

So You Think You Know The Faith Episode 1  Pilot Episode
Avoiding Babylon
37 Views · 4 months ago

The very first episode and trivia game of "So You Think You Know the Faith?" with Anthony as host and Rob and Steven from Catholic Comedy as contestants.

So You Think You Know The Faith Catholic Trivia Show  Rules And Gameplay Stream
Avoiding Babylon
17 Views · 4 months ago

The video that began it all. Anthony hosts the first contestants for "So You Think You Know the Faith?" trivia, Steven from Catholic Comedy and Rob (later co-host of Avoiding Babylon), in a short video discussing format and rules for the upcoming trivia game.

Guardian Angel Study Partner
45 Views · 4 months ago

⁣If you need a good study partner, you should call upon your Guardian Angel. They will ALWAYS keep you on track. Always...

Satan Vs Guardian Angel
68 Views · 4 months ago

⁣A man is attacked by Satan, but he is unimpressed.

SKIT - Cringe Catholic Youth Ministry Outreach
41 Views · 4 months ago

⁣This short skit displays the disconnect most older priests have when it comes to reaching young adults and youth.

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24 Views · 4 months ago

⁣Miles is going to get married soon so we've been... preparing...

Bloopers 1
19 Views · 5 months ago

A few minutes of outtake failures from the first year of my YouTube channel.

Homesteading Podcast
41 Views · 5 months ago

⁣Every Homesteading How-To ever distilled into one sketch...

Angelic Jobs
54 Views · 5 months ago

⁣Every since Jesus went back to Heaven, we've had more visits from saints than angels.

This is how we imagine the news was broken to those angels that used to be messengers of God.

Dalek Confessor
19 Views · 5 months ago

⁣St. Philip Neri and his Dalek are back! This time, the Dalek has completed his priestly training and is ready to start hearing confessions!

The Doctor Who theme song plays at the end, by Murray Gold. I do not retain any semblance of copyright, but I am using the song under free use as this is a parody of Doctor Who.

Yes I Always Knew (Solo - Mary)
74 Views · 5 months ago

⁣Tired of the song "Mary Did You Know" promoting heresy, but like the music?

Well, we've created a heresy free version for you!

Listen to the solo version by Mrs. Catholic Comedy!

A Few Good Prayers
24 Views · 5 months ago

⁣Every once in a while, we'll have an idea for a sketch that's more conceptual than humorous. This is one of those examples.

The idea is that when we say our prayers, we tend to sound bored and monotonous. Here, we wanted to see what it would sound like if our rote prayers were in a movie. Enjoy!

Catholic Bachelor Party
27 Views · 5 months ago

A Catholic Comedy Sketch (we'll load the actual description in here later, one by one)

13 Views · 5 months ago

A Catholic Comedy Sketch (we'll load the actual description in here later, one by one)

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