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Duties of the Church: 2022 Conference 1 of 3 ~ Fr. Ripperger

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Sensus Traditionis
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1 of 3 conferences in 2022 given by Fr. Ripperger at Our Sorrowful Mother's Ministry - www.osmm.org

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Alejandro 2 days ago

Notes for my 'active participation' in the conference (*chuckles* *cries*):

- Ideas from time to time - the Church is becoming worldly and therefore no vocations. Though true to some extent misses the point. This is looking at the whole situation through the wrong lens.

- Branch theory - late 1800s Protestant theory. Says there's 1 Church that Christ established and it is not the Catholic Church, but rather all the separate protestant 'churches' sum up to make the one (branches of a tree).

- 4 Marks of the Church - One Holy Catholic and Apostolic, which no other religion has. Useful in proving is the Church, Christ established.

-VII Subtle Theological Change - opened door to gargantuan set of problems. VI established infallibly that the Pope is the principle of unity in the Catholic Church. Shift from that to the principle of unity being the episcopate. While there's some truth to that, it is not THE principle as the latter was.

- Catholic Church = Mystical Body of Christ. All grace for our salvation comes from the Passion of Christ (past, present, and future) and through the Catholic Church. People outside the Church that receive graces, these come from the Catholic Church.

- Syllabus of errors (Pius IX) - condemned the proposition that you can be reasonably sure that someone outside the Church was saved.

- So if everything in the world is in complete disarray, mental disorders are rampant/plagues/etc., what can you conclude about the state of the Catholic Church?

- Where is this stuff coming from? 1961 Document stating: Stop ordaining the homosexuals and the pedophiles. This means that this predates 1961, likely by 20 years (1940s-50s).

-Sex trafficking and pedophilia is rampant in the world and in the US.

- Christ can give graces to anyone by mediation of the Catholic Church. This means that when the members are holy and virtuous, this spreads to the rest of the world. On the other hand, it also works the opposite way. If everyone is vicious, or sinful, this impacts everybody else. There is no such thing as personal/private sin (all our sins will be revealed in the general judgment (different from particular judgment).

- If the Church gets its act together, you can expect the world to get angry at it and act out against it.

- People like to wrongly blame the sin of lust (homosexuality, pedophilia, etc.) on the celibacy of the Priesthood. Many a married man/woman struggles with lust/sins of impurity. The only solution is to grow in virtue and holiness. Detachment from the worldly - identify the things that lead you to lust. Likely that media consumption plays no small part in it. No other way, but to detach and advance in the spiritual life.

- Bishops tolerating homosexuality in the seminaries and sometimes even encouraging the whole thing.

- Infiltration of the Church by Communists and Freemasons with the intent to subvert from within (Bella Dodd's School of Darkness, Murder in the 33rd Degree, Infiltration, Yuri Bezmenov, etc.). Investigation dossier and Popes passing the buck down to their successors. They've reached the highest offices of the hierarchy.

- 3 Things follow Communism - material decline in living standard of the citizenry, root out religious liberty - especially Catholic - expect persecution and beyond, and death (poverty, homicide, persecution, etc.).

- Our Lady appeared in 1929 and asked the Pope and Bishops to consecrate Russia. This is after She had already asked in Fatima. They didn't do it.

- Worldwide economic shutdown - by WEF. Covid (US funded biolab in Communist China) --> Russia/Ukraine conflict (biolabs). They've been given tremendous power.

- Politics and financial corruption, greed. Rampant insider trading by sitting US Congressmen.

- Cardinals - need to provide for themselves. Allowed to take in gifts. Leads to bribery and corruption. Fallen human nature is the same for all of us. You cannot fake virtue. Marcial Maciel was a Priest with number of secret families and charges of pedophilia against him, bribed Roman Curia to push it off/ignore.

- Near bankruptcy of the Vatican. Rumor that JPII had threats of death against him for trying to fix it.

- Constant lying in the Church, constant lying media. Bribed and corrupt curia, bribed and corrupt politicians. Fraud within the Church, fraudulent elections.

- 1955 Reform of old Holy Week, named 'Restoratus'. Destroyed it.

- Seminarians are lied to and brought up in modernist errors. Those who know and hold to the Traditional Catholic Faith are weeded out of the seminaries. Additionally, abusing priests by forcing them into mental institutions.

- Modernists robbed us of our patrimony. Robber analogy. False obedience. True obedience is only to be had under legitimate set parameters. No reason to be falsely obedient to anything that goes against God. Priests who actually teach the Tradition to their parishioners are punished or have Bishops breathing down their necks for doing what is righteous and good. Sent to mental institutions.

- Tradition requires self-denial, picking up our Cross and carrying it till the end. Dying to self. Discipline, diligence, a striving for virtue....These things are difficult. Most modern Catholics don't want any of that (effeminacy and sloth).

- "So Goes the Church, so Goes the World." All grace comes through the Catholic Church.

- French Revolution and King of France not consecrating country to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Eventual spead of errors worldwide. The one who fails to do their duty tends to be the one who suffers the consequences.

- Church and world reaching or have reached a point of no return at least naturally.

- Capitulation of authority by Bishops to civil auhorities. Authority is not for your pleasure and abuse. But to protect and provide (think of the example Our Lord set for us in His life). "But Jesus calling them, saith to them: You know that they who seem to rule over the Gentiles, lord it over them: and their princes have power over them. [43] But it is not so among you: but whosoever will be greater, shall be your minister. [44] And whosoever will be first among you, shall be the servant of all. [45] For the Son of man also is not come to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a redemption for many."

Topic of the Next Portion of the Conferences - What to Do. Our Responsibility. Grow in holiness and virtue.

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RoseyO 19 days ago

Thank you for your clarity. You are now the third source of truth in my life, and I have come to crave the truth. God bless you.

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HeidiMarie 21 days ago

Thank you Holy Mary for this priest and preserving him for us! God be paised always, it is good to hear the truth, hard though that may be.

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Catholic Arrows
Catholic Arrows 22 days ago

I LOVE THIS SITE!! Finally an alternative to demonic You tube.

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Pollycarps 24 days ago

Love SF TV!
But losing hope in RC church. I think God has directed me to SSPX.

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IsaacVahling 19 days ago

In order for a church to be the true Church of Christ, it has to be one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic. That "one" means one with the Pope. Therefore, SSPX is not the one true church. The bible also says, in reference to the church, that "the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." This means the line of Peter will not be ended. Also, in Fr. Ripperger's final talk of this conference, he mentions that the chastisement is coming and so is the illumination of conscience. My point with that is that the church is going to straighten up, but not before it gets worse and we are punished. Do not forget that the men who lead the church are fallible, but the Holy Church herself is not. Do not leave the true church because of the men in the church. Fr. Ripperger has also mentioned that demons can influence the emotions. I dont know what you are feeling, but if you feel more at peace with SSPX, do not forget that those feelings of peace can be given to you by the evil one. Fr Ripperger even said that demons can make you feel loved. Personally, I have met Fr. Ripperger and have heard him speak against the SSPX. Their origins are in usurpation when the bishops were ordained without consent of the Vatican, and they continue to usurp the papal authority God has given them. Pray, fast, and frequent the sacraments my friend. Pax. I will pray for you.

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IsaacVahling 19 days ago

Also, please listen to the q and a for this conference. It's a seperate video. Pax.

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Pollycarps 18 days ago

@IsaacVahling: thank you. I do have more peace there because the approved church is beastly hot and noisy with fans, kids, and traffic in the aisles. The small sspx church is quiet with AC.

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Pollycarps 18 days ago

@Pollycarps: I'm old - heat bad!

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