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Resp. Collegerunt | Palm Sunday

39 Views· 09 Jul 2022
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The Responsory "Collegerunt" is a Gregorian Chant sung during the Palm Sunday liturgy. The text is taken from the Gospel of St John, chapter 11, where it speaks of the hatred the Pharisees had against Jesus Christ and their conspiracy to put him to death after He had worked so much good and so many miracles. We can see ourselves in this as we conspire to put Him to death every time we consent to sin. The earliest musical sources for this chant are the MS of Einsiedeln 121 from Switzerland from the early 11th century (pictured at beginning of recording) and the MS of Laon 239 from the beginning of the 10th century. For the purpose of education and demonstration, the rhythmical style of singing in this recording is according to the principles of Semiology (i.e. ancient manuscripts), as opposed to the "Solesmes Method" of Dom Mocquereau.

English Translation:
℟. The chief priest and the Pharisees gathered a council, and said: What are we doing, for this man performs many miracles? If we let him go on thus, all will believe in him. * and the Romans will come and take away our place and nation.
℣. But one of them, named Caiphas, being the high priest that year, said to them: It is expedient for you all that one man should die for the people, and not the whole nation perish. Therefore from that day they devised to kill him, saying:

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